The project balance must be paid in full before the print order ships from the Discount Wraps printing facility.
Any order is subject to schedule availability and any event that occurs during the processing of your order. Conditions not specifically stated herein shall be governed by established trade customs. Terms inconsistent with those stated herein, which occur during the processing of your order, will not be binding on Discount Wraps.


Refunds: We do not begin any work on any design and/or print project without receiving at least 50%. We only offer full refunds on any monies paid if no work has been started after receiving an order from our client to begin the work. An order occurs when an item has been purchased from our online store. If we receive an order from a client to begin work, and then the client notifies us in writing to cease work on the order, we will assess what work has been completed at that point in time and issue a refund for any work that has been paid for but not completed. Since we begin the design process immediately after receiving the project questionnaire (PQ) from the client, if we receive a notice to cease work after receiving the PQ charges will be assessed.
Cancellation: If a client wishes to cancel a work order at any time they may do so, however the refund policy (explained above) will apply.
Exchanges: As we produce a custom designed and printed product, we do not offer product exchanges of any kind.


Discount Wraps only guarantees final prints designed and setup by Discount Wraps for print. Graphics & alignment as applied to vehicle may not precisely match the 2D digital images (“mockups”) produced for client’s review. The color of the final graphics may not match the mockups seen on desktop computer screen, smart phone, iPad or similar device. To ensure the best color match possible, client should request a color proof. Graphics applied to vehicles are intended to be viewed from a distance of at least ten yards. Discount Wraps produces each vehicle graphic with the detail & quality appropriate for viewing from such distance.


Use of a color proof is the best way to ensure that the color requested is received. Requesting a color proof will cause a time delay and clients will be charged an additional amount for this service. Clients are responsible for reviewing color proofs in all light conditions prior to sign-off.


Discount Wraps material warranty on same day printing & lamination shall be voided. Discount Wraps expressly disclaims any material failure on a vehicle older than 18 months if vehicle is not properly cared for as defined by our standards, which are listed here.


Discount Wraps expressly disclaims all warranties related to vehicle damage for the following: All OEM painted plastics; All non OEM paint jobs; All types of buses, planes, trains, RVs; All custom/modified vehicles; All vehicles with OEM paint that is more than 5 years old; All vehicles used for pro touring, drifting or sanctioned racing events. All street vehicles that are privately tracked. All vehicles involved in a collision after they are wrapped. All vehicles must be properly cleaned before installation. See instructions here.


Reproduction in any form, of copyrighted materials without prior permission of the originator is illegal. It is the responsibility of the client to obtain said permission. We are not responsible for obtaining permission and assume prior permission has been obtained by the client before work is submitted. Purchaser assumes liability for patent and copyright infringement when goods are made to purchaser’s specifications.